Saturday, March 10, 2012

Official, Official, Official!

These past couple weeks have been... amazing!
To start things off- next week I will be going to Chicago to do my level 3 field experience. This is where I am put in a classroom all day for an entire week. I will be working with students in 4,6,7, and 8th grades in the subject areas of science and social studies. I am excited for many, many reasons. First, I get to use my science minor in different age levels! I've been in an 8th grade science classroom but it will be interesting to see the other grade levels! Second, I've never taught a real social studies lesson so that experience will be very helpful (I am very nervous about it, though). And third, I LOVE CHICAGO! I am soooo excited to be a "Chicagoan" for a week. I will be staying with a teacher from the school and she lives right by Lake Michigan. Hopefully, the windy city provides me with nice weather so I can take advantage of that. A very good friend of mine also lives in the city so I'm excited for a chance to see her.

The next exciting thing in my life- I have official word that I'm going to Tanzania!

I arrive there August 2nd and my orientation starts August 4th. I am very thankful that I get a chance to go to the orientation so I have some time to learn the new culture and have time to get settled in my new future home. I will be living in a house on campus with the other student teacher that's going from UNI (SO thankful I'm not heading over alone!). For my first 8weeks I will be in a 4/5th grade classroom then I get a 2 week break (hopefully to do some awesome travelling with Papa D) and then my next 8 weeks will be spent in a 2/3rd grade classroom.

The school's website is-

Off to organize my life,

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