Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hello Moshi!


Well, I have been at ISM for about three days now and I am still suffering from jet lag! It's all good though.. I'm managing. It was really rough the first day, though, because I got in town late the night before and got up and met everyone and had my tours. Needless to say, Tuesday was kind of a blur. Yesterday and today were great, though. I attended some meetings here on our Moshi campus and got to know the staff a little better. All of them have such great stories and I can tell that they are all great teachers. I just know that I am going to learn so many new things!
Today, we drove to the other ISM campus in a town called Arusha. It was about a 2 hour bus ride... along the way I saw so many different things. There is a large amount of poverty around here so I had a chance to witness that today. While we were in Arusha, we had some people come up to our bus and try to sell us things through the open windows, we ended up closing them. I also got the chance to see just how beautiful Tanzania is. There are so many different kinds of trees and other plants that it's so colorful! I also got to see the mountains. I was most excited about finally getting to see the peak of Mt. Kilamanjaro! I've been told that it's a hit or miss trying to see it because of the cloud coverage up top but since I can see if from my campus I will have plenty of chances! Some of the teachers at the school have been here for years so we got a little background of some of the sites we were seeing. It was like our own personal tour guide.
I was able to sit down with my cooperating teacher today about the first unit we will be doing. That means that things are just about to get real! The students start to arrive this weekend and school starts on Monday. I am excited to get to know all about the different students. They are coming from all around the world and they all have very different experiences. I have a feeling it will be a challenge incorporating all of these differences in the lessons I'll plan but I am ready for that challenge! After a few days of freaking out, I am welcoming this new experience. It's a hard adjustment from home (to put it lightly) but I can handle it. The only big thing that is getting to me is the lack of internet and cell phone. I miss talking to everyone.. easily. However, it will give me some time to reflect and plan super, wonderful lessons, right? 

Well, I should be off. I should try and do something productive while I can!

Ash :)

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