Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I'm an awful blogger...

Sorry, everyone! I really need to get better at writing in this!!

The last time I've posted I mentioned going on a hiking trip with the students and it was just lovely! The kids were great and we had some good talks on our 2 and 3 hour hikes. The hike itself was good, even though it was a bit steep! The waterfall was so, so, so beautiful! If it had been a bit warmer I would have dived on in but I'm a wimp.

A couple of weekends ago, I got a chance to go on a staff camping trip! It was so great to have a relaxing weekend with everyone away from school. The Arusha campus also joined us so I got to meet and get to know even more people. It had a great view of a beautiful crater lake and I got to see some wild ELEPHANTS!! I could have watched them for hours because were just so magnificent. 
Lake Chala! 

Some kids site seeing on the way! 

A chameleon :) there were all over the place!


With some teachers :) 

This weekend was sports day at the school. The entire school is split up into three different houses: Kibo, Meru, and Mawenzi (my house!). This way the students are supporting every grade and they are all working together to get the trophy! They did races, relays, high jump, long jump, disc throwing, and javelin. The little kiddies did their own races, too, and it was adorable!!  My house didn't win (we came in last actually) but my kids looked the best in their green shirts ;) 

Sil jumping over! He got all the way up to 1 meter before he made a mistake!

Me with a couple of best friends!

Mawenzi girls!
4 Mawenzis and 1 Kibo!

There is A LOT happening in the classroom. I officially took over the class last week and overall things are going well. I am doing all of the planning and prep work for the students, so it is a lot of work! The unit "Wonderful Me" is still trucking along.. it is a difficult one but we are doing the best we can! I only have a couple more weeks in my P3/P4 class then I have to move up to the big kids in P5/P6. I am going to miss the little ones soooo much but I know some of the older ones too and they are just as sweet (most of them). 
All of the kids painted a picture of their home country and then we typed up a description as to why  it is important to them! 

The kids are painting a description of themselves! 

I am planning on getting some fun shopping done this weekend! I haven't had a chance to buy any "African" memorabilia yet so I am excited to get that started. I already have some stuff in mind that I want to buy :) 


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