Sunday, October 7, 2012

Whoaaa I'm Half-Way There.....

Can you believe it? I've been in Moshi for  8 weeks now! Seems like just  yesterday I was boarding the plane, all teary-eyed and scared, to get here. Time sure is flying by!

I have officially ended my time in the P3/P4 class and I miss the class already. Each student came with their own unique challenge but they were all eager to learn and it made my job more fun. As part of the final assessment we created a video. I will be putting it on YouTube as soon as I figure out the copyright issues... so who knows when that will be. But just so you know- they video is absolutely adorable!

Since I am done with the little P3/P4 it's time for me to move up to the big kids in P5/P6! I've already been in the class for a week and I think everything will go wonderful. They are just starting a unit on the solar system and, being the science nerd that I am, I am very excited! I need to do refresh my memory on the solar system a little bit because the students are already asking questions that I don't know! What a bunch of inquirers I have! ;)

Last weekend I got to spend the weekend away in Arusha. I went along with 4 other people from the school and we had quite the adventure! Arusha is a big city that is about two hours away from Moshi (a city that pretty much grew overnight!). We were able to hop on the school's bus that went down on Friday afternoon and they dropped us off at this wonderful, wonderful, wonderful restaurant. We were able to sit outside on couches that were more comfortable than my bed and the food was just great. Did I mention that the restaurant had wi-fi? I was able to use my iPhone to send some iMessages and to post on facebook! I haven't been able to that since coming here, it was pretty nice. Then Simone, my roommate, and I decided to go to our hotel. Oh. My. Goodness. We were in heaven! We were able to stand in our mosquito nets, we had comfortable beds, a lovely shower with actual water pressure, and more wi-fi! We were spoiled for the night and it was great! Almost felt like home ;). A friend of mine told me about a band playing a local bad so we decided to check it out and I think it was the best night I've had here. The band played a nice variety of songs and one of our friends actually got to play the bass in the band for a little bit! There was a lot of dancing done that night- we all let go and had a great time!
At the lovely restaurant! 

Standing in the mosquito net!

The first hotel!  

Saturday- Simone and I had to leave our great hotel and we stayed at a backpackers hotel. Not nearly as nice but it a rooftop bar that had a lovely view of the city and Mt. Meru. We got to meet a couple of people who were doing some travelling. It was so great! On Sunday we decided to wander around Arusha. I was able to get some souvenirs bought and we went to the Masaai market, which, I will definitely have to go when I have some more money and time! There were soooo many cool things and it will be a great place to perfect my bargaining skills!
My view from the second hotel!

chilling the roof!

I'm just ending a nice, relaxing weekend. I went into town yesterday and today to buy some more souvenirs. I had to buy sooooo much now because my mom and dad will be here on FRIDAY! Yup, less than 5 days! I can hardly believe it. We will be going on a safari starting Sunday so expect a lot of pictures when I get back.

I can't believe that in 8 short weeks I will be home! I can hardly wait to tell everyone my stories in person.

Miss you all,